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3G and 4G/LTE Signal Boosting Antennas

Download speeds that are out of this world!

4G / LTE is an exciting cellular technology that has potential peak data rates of 300 Mb/s and higher. This will cause a fundamental change in the role of wireless data for Internet access.

LTE operates on new frequency bands since current equipment still needs support on existing bands until all cellular equipment becomes 4G enabled. Our antennas are ideal as they are backward compatible with legacy cellular technologies.

How does it work?

As with 3G boosting, you choose your antenna, mount it outside, bring the cable in, connect it to an LTE router and you’re set!

Medium Gain LTE/MiMo Antenna

High Gain 2.3GHz - 2.4GHz Antenna

High Gain Omni Antenna

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Why do you need 2 Antennas for LTE boosting? Our CEO explains: