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3G and 4G/LTE Signal Boosting Antennas

3G Boosting 4G LTE Boosting On The Go

If this sounds like you, then a Poynting antenna is the solution:

 - The data connectivity at my house is terrible!

 - It takes me forever to download a song…

 - I don’t want to wait for a fixed line!

 - My calls drop all the time!

LTE allows you super download speeds without a fixed line:

LTE is as fast and can be even faster than fixed broadband and your area is covered, but you have to cut back to 3G all the time?

We have a wide range of 4G antennas that are already bestsellers in Europe. - Wideband or narrowband, we can provide exactly what you need.

Travelling a lot and need a small, fit-in-your-handluggage solution?

Our desktop LTE antenna (COMING SOON) is the answer to your “on-the-go” boosting needs